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tell me why u follow me on anon

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tumblr home of weak ass anime nerds

Excuse me, we handle otp feels, notp hate, character deaths, and a shit  ton of other stuff. We are not “weak ass anime nerds”.


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  • rock-bomber
  • namie-kun
  • suippumato
  • bluekomadori

These artists would prefer it if you reblogged their art directly from their page instead of reposting it on your Pokemon-themed blog.

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Happy 8th anniversary Okami!

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i’m bored

so talk to me about video games you’ve been playing recently and what you do/don’t like about them

I’ve been playing FE:Path of Radiance, and I love most things about it besides the defend missions because they’re boring

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I’m finally sitting down and playing through Path of Radiance.  And I’m farther than I was before yay

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tell me about ur crushes i love hearing about that stuff u guys c’mon

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I was admittedly not thinking of Pokemon when I made that pun

I am the worst Pokemon fan

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i could’ve made that into a Pokemon joke but it wouldn’t have been very eggcellent

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these egg jokes aren’t eggsecuted very well…

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